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EP Review: TRUTH - Without You EP [Deep, Dark & Dangerous]

TRUTH, predominantly known for their prolific output in the Dubstep scene via their own Deep, Dark & Dangerous label, now turn their attention to 170BPM on the stellar EP Without You. This is a substantial EP utilising classic Drum & Bass motifs, it retains enough of a connection to the vibe of deep Dubstep as to not alienate fans of previous works, while still crafting something truly unique.

A jazzy female vocal and tinkling keys place opener Pass Me By firmly in liquid territory, but with plenty of weight in the rolling bass. A deceptive second drop turns hauntingly nasty with a filthy mutated bass before returning peacefully to the uplifting vocal. The title track Without You features strings and piano sketching a delicate intro leading to a stepping break, with vocal snippets and a plaintive horn conjuring a deep, hypnotic spell.

At the EP midpoint Eyes On Me starts to bring the dread: a minimal tune with intricate percussion work and a loping drop that calls back to their Dubstep roots, while unsettling FX stabs flutter and squirm in the background. On Heartbreak the pace picks up, a steppy roller with soulful vocals paired with an assortment of creepy, minor-key plinks and analog FX, fading out on the warm crackle of vinyl. Finisher Miasma finds a funky breakbeat enveloped by sinister tendrils of phasing pads.

The duo have delivered a fascinating piece of work here: techstep (dark vibes and rolling beats) and neurofunk (those squelchy bass influences) are present but there’s a reassuring strain of musicality drawn from the liquid sub-genre underpinning everything that juxtaposes the horror movie iconography of the artwork and tension of the tough, stripped back production, ensuring their debut release in this genre is anything but a one-trick pony.

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