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EP Review: KINA - The Second Wave [Deeper Freq]

Aptly titled The Second Wave is only the sophomore release on Dunedin-based artist KINA's Deeper Freq label, but already a strong identity is developing: minimal, brooding, and beefy.

Unassuming two-step intros lead to drops with little fanfare that nonetheless pack ridiculous heft in the form of churning, rumbling sub-bass. Without much fuss these tunes are crafted to deliver a clear vision of being enveloped in warm cushions of bass for some head-down, no-nonsense grooving.

Opener Drifting is probably the pick of the bunch, delicate percs and bongos and wispy, mystical vocals usher in a pounding, rolling bass with sickening depth. Franklin Street drops a disgusting, techy bass out of nowhere, anchoring a darkstep workout with definite late 90's vibe, while Last Legs rounds the EP out with a nasty stepper channeling Dom & Roland menace and analog clatter.

Mark Deeper Freq as an exciting new Kiwi label to keep an eye and an ear on.

The Second Wave is available on all major platforms.

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