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EP Review: Grid City - Summer Funk [Bay 6 Recordings]

Grid City hit Bay 6 Recordings for their debut EP release, and it’s a classic 4-tracker showcasing a variety of liquid deliciousness.

Plate A leads with the two dancefloor-oriented tunes. EP standout Summer Funk is a big, bold, brassy affair that carries DJ Marky-like vibes, with a euphoric “woooo!” vocal and catchy horn riff bouncing along a high energy workout that would be at home on the likes of V Recordings. One to get the party started! You Know Why features a cheeky guitar lick and bouncy drop that once again emphasises the funk.

On Plate B, a gently strummed guitar melody is the main element in Chaos Eye, a deceptively-titled deep tune that’s less chaotic and more calm at the eye of the storm. Uplifting bass and waves of filtered pads carry through on an introspective tip. Similarly Red Dawn is a soulful number with tinkling keys, crisp breaks and a crackle of vinyl warmth.

Overall, a top addition to your collection with tunes to cover a wide range of feelings and sounds within the liquid subgenre.

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